; MiPro ACT-2401 / ACT-24TC
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MiPro ACT-2401 / ACT-24TC


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MiPro ACT-2401 / ACT-24TC
ACT-24TC Digital Bodypack Transmitter

  • Miniature, sturdy plastic compact design.
  • Mute button with Push & Talk function along with a LED status indicator. A connector for remote mute switch cable.
  • Unique battery cover design provides easy access to operational controls and protects against accidental change of settings.
  • Mini-XLR input with secure screw lock connector for lavaliere / headworn mics and guitar.
  • World’s first ACT™ function provides precise and rapid frequency sync to the receiver.
  • The transmitter can be either charged by directly placing it in the MP-80 charger or removing the 18500 lithium battery for charging. Bright LEDs indicate battery status.
ACT-2401 Fixed Antenna Single-Channel Digital Receiver

  • Diverse receivers with single-channel in 1/2U metal chassis.
  • All models are designed with the same MIPRO style front panel.
  • Stable digital FSK modulation circuitry. All frequencies are located in single frequency band.
  • Employs Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology to skip the Wi-Fi frequency in use and effectively avoid interference from other 2.4 GHz communication products.
  • With dual tuner true diversity receiving, the receiving distance is up to 100 meters with no signal drop-out. 
  • The precisely designed PCB is enclosed in a sturdy case.
  • Graphic OLED screen provides larger field of view.
  • The included battery of the rechargeable handheld and bodypack transmitters can be easily removed or interchanged for charging.

Includes MU-54 lapel mic.